WARCRAFT III - F.A.Q. (inglês)
Since the game has become more RTS than RPG, will the game still be called a RPS?
The reason that we called the game an Role-Playing Strategy game in the first place was to help prepare people for a much different RTS game then we have done with the previous Craft games. Once the game is released, it will be up to the public to decide what kind of game it is.

How will the Warcraft Adventures storyline tie into Warcraft III?
One of the main characters in the Warcraft III storyline will be Thrall, the Orc Chieftan from the Warcraft Adventures story. The beginning of the Warcraft III storyline takes place a few years after the events that took place in the now-defunct adventure game.

Will Warcraft III include any Warcraft Adventures material?
We will be including characters and storyline from Warcraft Adventures into the campaign for Warcraft III. We will not be using any of the artwork, sounds or cinematic animations.

How will towns operate in Warcraft III?
Players can build a town similar to StarCraft and Warcraft. Warcraft III has less emphasis on town building though, so that most races will build far less buildings then you would see in a game of StarCraft.

Is there a tech-tree in Warcraft III?
Players will be able to upgrade the structures in their town to produce more advanced units. There may also be special research items that will enable the recruitment of new troop types or the learning of new skills or spells.

When will you release details on a public beta?
It is far too early to know when a beta will occur, but we have found public betas to be incredibly useful and will undoubtedly do one for Warcraft III.

Do you have plans to do a worldwide release like you did with Diablo II?
The worldwide release of Diablo II was incredibly successful and we are looking long and hard at how it would fit into the Warcraft III schedule. Basically, if it makes the game's launch more meaningful and better for our players, we want to try and make it happen.

How many CD's will Warcraft III require?
There is really no way to know the number of CDs required yet, but as details become available we will post them on the Warcraft III section of our website at

Will there be a collector's edition?
The acceptance and interest in the Diablo II Collector's Edition was fantastic and we will definitely consider creating something special for our core Warcraft fans.

Do you plan to have a simultaneous Macintosh / PC release?
The launch of Diablo II on the Macintosh was our fastest to date and it is the goal of our Macintosh teams to keep the PC and Mac releases as close in time as possible.

Are there any plans to port a Linux version?
We are currently developing Warcraft III for the PC and Macintosh and have no plans for versions on other operating systems.

Will there be spawning?
While we certainly want to support people being able to try the game out before they buy it, it is also too early to nail down whether we will use traditional spawning to accomplish this or not.

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Por: Sérgio Brandão
Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos



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